Dyslexia in Kuwait… problems, solutions

Dyslexia in Kuwait… problems, solutions

KUWAIT, Jan 28 (KUNA) — Dyslexia is a common language-based disorder which is affecting a large number of people around the globe, making the process of reading, writing, and spelling almost unbearable.

In Kuwait, the issue is far greater especially with the lack of awareness about Dyslexia. For Kuwaiti citizen Mohammad Al-Qatami Dyslexia is very personal issue due to the fact that his son suffered from this disorder.

Traveling far and wide, Al-Qatami – also Vice Chairman of Kuwait Dyslexia Association – made it his mission to inform the populace about the problems he faced with his son’s disorder, affirming that not all hope was lost.

Speaking to KUNA, Al-Qatami revealed that the association conducted a survey in 650 schools which pointed out that some 30,000 students in Kuwait showcased some symptoms of the disorder.
This is an alarming number, said the official who added that “the survey gave us a clear idea of how to deal with Dyslexia in cooperation with various government and private bodies.” Due to the enormous challenge facing Kuwait, the Association had worked effortlessly to promote the issue on the local level, said Al-Qatami who indicated that in 2005, his organization and the Ministry of Education had launched a Dyslexia-awareness program in 22 schools to enable these facilities to deal with the disorder in a friendly manner.

Al-Qatami said that discussions with Minister of Education and Minister of Higher Education Dr. Mohammad Al-Fars will be held soon to expand the campaign to include more schools.
On their parts, the Association official Theiya Al-Rasheed and Health Ministry pediatric consultant Dr. Nahed Abdulrazzak both affirmed that there were various ways to diagnose whether a person was suffering from the disorder.

They also said it was paramount to treat Dyslexia in a professional manner, otherwise, the situation might get further complicated.

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