The Kuwait Dyslexia Association Vice President in The Republic of the Sudan

The Kuwait Dyslexia Association Vice President in The Republic of the Sudan

Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Qatami, Vice President of the Kuwait Dyslexia Association (KDA) visited the Republic of the Sudan at the invitation of Sadagaat Organization to hold a training course on Dyslexia entitled: “Towards a Better Understanding of Dyslexia” under the auspices of the Danish Islamic Organization and under the supervision of Dr. Hoda Ahmed. The course was held from 21st January to the 25th of January 2018 for 20 trainees on diagnosis, screening and therapeutic programs for dyslexic children.

The program was divided between educational sessions for parents and specialized courses for trainees on diagnosis, screening, therapies and tests’ application through minimized workshops. At the end of the session, the closing ceremony was held and certificates were distributed to the participants.

During the visit, Mr. Mohammed Al-Qatami met with the President’s Assistant of the Republic of the Sudan Mr. Ibrahim Mohammed Al-Senoussi and discussed ways of cooperation between the KDA and the Ministry of Education and the governmental bodies in the field of Dyslexia.

He also visited the Delta College For Sciences & Technology and met with the university administration, where Mr. Al-Qatami discussed means of cooperation between the KDA and the Delta College in the field of Dyslexia.

Mr. Al-Qatami also paid a field visit to some primary schools that follow the educational methods that are somehow similar to the Finnish schools in providing education in a different way.

The schedule of the visit included a television interview with Mr. Mohammed Al-Qatami through Sudan Satellite Channel on January 23, 2018 at 6:30 pm Khartoum time (7:30 pm Kuwait time) within the Good Evening show, on the definition of dyslexia and its symptoms, the methods of diagnosis, the integrated tools, and the role of the KDA in the detection and therapeutic sessions of dyslexia in addition to the activities of the association.

Mr. Al-Qatami’s visit to some schools in Sudan was very interesting as these schools follow educational methods and ways comparable to the Finnish schools, where he learned about teaching methods and how to equip the classrooms.

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