Vice Chairman of the Kuwait Dyslexia Association (KDA) in the Republic of Egypt

Vice Chairman of the Kuwait Dyslexia Association (KDA) in the Republic of Egypt

Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Qatami visited Nuzum Global Company – Egypt Branch in Cairo on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th, January 2018 where he was received by Mr. Ayman Abubakar, General Manager of Nuzum Egypt and Director of the World Center for Translation Studies as well as the company’s management and employees.

Mr. Ayman Abubakar accompanied Mr. Al-Qatami during a tour of the company’s headquarters, during which he gave a brief overview of the company’s inception, activity and nature of work in various sectors of the company.

Then they talked about the joint work between the KDA and the Nuzum Global Company in terms of developing the KDA website and modernizing the KDA application and programs to learn and observe the needs required by the work team in those projects, and provide solutions and proposals that overcome obstacles, contribute to the advancement and upgrade to the required level.

Mr. Al-Qatami also met with Mr. Ali Hamida, in charge of the Dyslexia Specialization department at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria. They discussed the history of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and the services provided by the library to the public from various social groups, especially in the field of dyslexia and dyslexic people.

The KDA donated a copy of the programs specified for the Screening, Diagnosis and Remediation of Dyslexia and the library dedicated a number of the Dyslexia Journal editions.

Mr. Al-Qatami also visited the Egyptian Association of Dyslexia and met with Professor Inji Al-Taweel, Chairman of the Egyptian Dyslexia Association and with the Association members of the Board of Directors. He also reviewed the work progress of the association and the programs used in the diagnosis and remediation therapy.

Professor Inji Al-Taweel requested an additional copy of the CoPS program and the Raven test, and she was promised by Mr. Al-Qatami to meet her request.

At the end of the visit, a general meeting was held, attended by Mr. Al-Qatami, Mr. Ayman Abubakar, Mr. Ali Hamida and Ms. Inji Al-Taweel, to discuss means of joint cooperation between all the official parties in Egypt and those working in the field of Dyslexia and means of uniting the efforts in this regard.

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