Dyslexia Screenings

Screenings for Children (7 – 15)

Dyslexia screenings give an indication as to whether a child is likely to be dyslexic. With this knowledge families are better able to understand and support their child.

Dyslexia screenings cannot diagnose dyslexia.

Screenings tend to involve a series and may involve short computerised tests. The tests are designed to be non-threatening and tend to be presented in a game format using pictures, words and sounds.

Screenings should look at:

Phonological processing

Working memory

Visual and auditory processing


In addition to the computer programme a discussion should take place with the parent and child and include observations of:




Number recognition

The results should be presented in a clear and easy to interpret report.

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If you have difficulties accessing a Dyslexia Screening please contact our Kuwait Dyslexia Association.  In exceptional circumstances we can arrange a screening for you. We charge for this service

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