The House of Lords of the United Kingdom Honoring Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Qatami, and Media Coverage by Kuwait Today Program

The parliament channel conducted a television interview with Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Qatami, KDA Vice Chairman and Editor in Chief of the Dyslexia Magazine, in Kuwait Today program on Thursday, March 3, 2018 to talk about the honor ceremony of Mr. Al-Qatami by the House of Lords of the United Kingdom with other influential figures in charitable work inside and outside Kuwait, which will be held in London on Thursday, March 15, 2018 under the auspices of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom and the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in London under the title: Celebration of Charity Work, which represents recognition of the contribution of these institutions and personalities in charity and humanitarian work within the United Kingdom and outside.

The interview went on discussing the pioneering and humanitarian role of the State of Kuwait, the KDA activities and programs for the remediation and therapeutic session for dyslexia, and the efforts of Mr. Al-Qatami in Britain, mainly the Best Education Foundation specified in the learning field in UK and undertakes to operate a school, an institute, a cultural center and other activities related to dyslexia and educational disabilities.

Mr. Al-Qatami also pointed out the opening of the Finnish School in Kuwait with the aim of implementing the best educational program in the world; with a school dropout rate reaching zero, and is summarized by the idea of taking care of regular students and students with educational disabilities.

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